Piri Piri Chicken

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As you all know, I love the complex flavours of a good curry or slow-cooked dish, but come summer, there’s nothing I love more than the simplicity of some grilled meat enveloped in delicious spices. One of my favourites in this genre has to be Piri Piri Chicken. Actually originating in Mozambique, Africa by the Portuguese, this wonderful recipe has everything you want in a grilled meat dish – the tenderness of moist chicken in the centre, the smokiness of the charred outside from the grill and the sweet, spicy flavours from the rich Piri Piri spice blend.

By adding the whiskey or vinegar in this recipe, it not only cuts through the spicy flavours in the blend but helps to further tenderise the meat by breaking down its proteins during the marinating process. Ideally, I like to marinate this in the fridge overnight for maximum flavour however, if you’re a little short on time 30-60 minutes will do.

This dish is so easy to put together and the flavour this spice blend creates is just out of this world – simple cooking at its best!

Spices used in this recipe

  • Portuguese Piri Piri – Hot

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    Originally made in Mozambique by the Portuguese, this zesty spice blend is most commonly used as a spice rub on grilled chicken. With rich, smoky flavours and a little kick, this versatile spice rub can be used to jazz about just about any meat, seafood, or even veg! Our Portuguese Piri Piri blend has a medium-hot heat rating.

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  1. To create the marinade :
    Mix all ingredients together , then combine to coat the chicken . Leave in the fridge to allow the flavours to develop for 1hr or over night.
    Heat the grill to medium high then add marinated chicken pieces. the high heat will give the chicken a beautiful caramalised coating which will offset some of the heat from the chilli .

  2. Serve with Smashed roast potatoes and brocolli or a garden salad.

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