Salt and Pepper Calamari

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Salt and Pepper Calamari

Salt and Pepper calamari is one of my favourite summer dishes and inexpensive too.  I love the subtle Sichuan pepper in our mix.  Sichuan  pepper adds a clean fresh  taste rather than adding heat.  Sichuan  pepper (Szechwan) is the preferred pepper in china and other Asian cultures rather than black pepper.  Chinese salt and pepper mix is used as an everyday staple for stir fry’s , duck and pork dishes. We even use our version  to  make Kentucky style chicken nuggets.

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  • Calamari Salt n Pepper – Mild

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    Calamari Salt n Pepper is a mild seasoning.  The mixture is made with Sichuan pepper white pepper and sea salt. Sichuan pepper is not a hot pepper, but rather lends the seasoning a crisp peppery taste. We are most familiar with the mixture used in salt and pepper calamari dishes. However, this versatile mixture is also great to season chicken, quail, duck, fish and pork

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  • Chillies Indian Whole

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    Chillies originated in the Americas but are now used all throughout the world to add flavour and heat to endless numbers of dishes. The flavour of dried chillies is quite different from their fresh counterparts due to the caramelisation of sugars that occurs during the drying process, creating a more complex flavour. They are used widely in Indian, Mexican, Asian and Italian cuisine.


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  1. Mix the Chinese salt and pepper mix with both flours, add chilli if using into a large enough bowl to coat the calamari rings

  2. Place a small handful of the calamari rings into the spice and flour mix and coat thoroughly so the calamari feels dry . Gently shake of excess flour and spice mix and place on the plate ready for frying. Continue till all the calamari is coated

  3. Heat the oil in a shallow frying pan to medium high. Use enough oil to cover the base of the pan in a thin layer. Carefully place each calamari ring into the hot oil and make sure they  are not touching  each other . Cook for 1min and then turn over and cook for a further 1 min . Use thongs to quickly remove the calamari and place on a paper towel to absorb any excess oil and continue till all the calamari is cooked.
    TIP: It is easier to cook in several batches rather than try to cook  all at once.

  4. Squeeze the lemon over the calamari and serve with a garden salad.

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