Slow cooked lamb with Lebanese baharat spice and cous cous – salt free

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lebanese baharat spice blend- salt free

Lebanese baharat or 7 spice mix is used in middle eastern cooking  like garam masala is to indian cooking. This delicate aromatic salt free spice blend is used as the base flavouring  in dishes from meat and vegetable to appetisers.  The addition of sumac is common to provide  added tanginess to dishes such as lamb or chicken. Our slow cooker version using this spice is aromatic, with sweet spices and tangy sour notes perfectly balanced with savoury  highlights from cardamom and cumin. A little salt can be added at the end of cooking if desired, but taste it first.

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  1. Mix all ingredients together except water  and marinate with lamb for 1 hour in the fridge or over night.  Place “butterflied” lamb on a roasted rack in a large deep roasting dish, add  the water and roast at 150oC for about 2 hours, basting regularly with pan juices. Remove lamb from oven and rest for 10 minutes. This dish can be also cooked on the bbq, keep lamb on the roasting rack in the bbq and use a foil baking pan half filled with water to keep the meat moist while cooking.

    While the lamb is cooking proceed with the couscous. Place couscous in a large bowl. Bring stock and saffron to the boil and pour over couscous, then cover and stand for 20 minutes, or until the stock is absorbed. With some of the couscous brands, they have been precooked, the time in this case is around 5 minutes. Fluff couscous with a fork, then add nuts, lemon juice, oil and parsley and mix well.

    Divide the couscous mixture onto the plates, top each serving with thick slices of the lamb  steamed vegetables and drizzle with a spoonful of the warm marinade. Serves 4

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