Smoky Chilli Scrambled Eggs

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This Smoky Chilli Scramble is the perfect thing for a special-occasion brekky that’s still minimal fuss, time and effort, so you can feed the hungry hordes first thing! Made from chilli flakes, sea salt, garlic granules, black pepper, mesquite smoke powder and oregano, our Smoked Salt & Chilli Seasoning adds the perfect spicy, salty, savoury hit to liven these eggs up! This base recipe is a winner in itself , but if you’ve got a little extra time on your hands, I like to add roasted tomatoes or even some crispy thick-cut bacon.

With a little finishing touch of fresh spring onions, this breakfast has a wonderful balance of flavours and is perfect hearty beginning to any day.

Spices used in this recipe

  • Smoked Salt & Chilli Seasoning – Med

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    Smoked chilli seasoning is definitely a salt that is big on flavour. It has just the right amount of heat and smokey tones to get most barbecue fanatics excited. The combination of kosher style salt, chilli, garlic and pepper which is then smoked with oak wood adds a real burst of umami flavour and can be added to any dish where you want a greater flavour. We use kosher style salt because it is better at carrying these strong flavours than regular sea salt.

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  1. Begin by toasting your bread slices as you’ll need to serve your eggs immediately after cooking so your toast needs to be ready!

    Place a pan on a med-high heat and place the butter in. While it comes to heat, whisk your eggs with the Chilli Seasoning in a bowl. When the butter is beginning to bubble and foam, pour your egg mixture in. Allow to sit for 10 seconds then gradually fold the sides in to the centre until all the runny egg is just-set.

  2. When cooked, divide the eggs between the place on top of the toast slices and garnish with the spring onion and some fresh chilli or extra Chilli Seasoning if you like.

    Serve with some fresh OJ and enjoy!

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