The Ultimate Smoky-Chilli Beef Burgers

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Many claim to make the best burgers, but my Ultimate Smoky-Chilli Beef Burgers really are the absolute best! I season the beef patties with our Smoked Salt & Chilli Seasoning that add the perfect umami, smoky, and spicy flavour. I pair these beauties with a homemade spicy caramelised onion mayo, a crispy piece of bacon, tangy slices of pickles, and a fresh cos lettuce leaf. This is definitely one for the weekend repertoire!

Spices used in this recipe

  • Smoked Salt & Chilli Seasoning – Med

    Product description

    Smoked chilli seasoning is definitely a salt that is big on flavour. It has just the right amount of heat and smokey tones to get most barbecue fanatics excited. The combination of kosher style salt, chilli, garlic and pepper which is then smoked with oak wood adds a real burst of umami flavour and can be added to any dish where you want a greater flavour. We use kosher style salt because it is better at carrying these strong flavours than regular sea salt.

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  1. Place your beef mince in a bowl and work it well with your hands until it becomes nice and sticky – this ensures your patties will stay together when cooking. Add in your smoked salt seasoning and mix well. Form into 4 even patties that are slightly larger than your buns – this will allow for shrinking when cooking.


  2. Place a pan on medium heat with a drizzle of olive oil. When hot, add your patties in and sear, turning frequently, until they’re cooked to your liking – I like them medium-rare inside with a crisp crust on the outside – about 5 mins.

    Remove the patties from the pan and set them aside to rest on a plate.

    Place the pan back on the heat and add in your bacon rashers, cooking until nice and crispy. Remove and drain on a paper towel.

  3. Place your pan back on the heat. Add in your onion slices and saute in the leftover beef and bacon juices until they become nice and soft and translucent – about 3-4 minutes. When they’re nice and soft, add in your brown sugar, a pinch of salt, and balsamic vinegar – saute for a further few minutes, until the liquid evaporates and sugar dissolves. Transfer them to a bowl.


  4. Place the pan back on the heat and put your burger buns on cut-side down to warm them through and crisp them up slightly.

    Add your mayo and hot sauce to your onions and give them a good mix.


  5. To assemble, place your buns out, add a layer of your caramelised onion mayo, your pickles, a bacon rasher, and top with your patty and burger bun top. Enjoy!

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