West African Satay Okra Curry

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West African Satay has to be one of my favourite, though underrated, curries. My version gets the peanut savoury/sweetness that’s indicative of this curry from peanut butter. Combined with tangy tomato and our flavourful West African Satay spice blend, it’s a sensory delight! I like to add a little coconut milk to my version to mellow out the flavours and add a little creaminess.

The use of okra in this curry makes for a great, substantial meal that eliminates the need for meat. Okra is not only a great flavour carrier, but its texture remains slightly firm even after cooking which is just delicious, and it’s full of vitamins!

In this recipe, I use chicken stock, but you can use vegetable to keep it vegan.

If you do eat meat and seafood, however, you can replace the okra with raw prawns for a wonderful sweet flavour that will work perfectly with this creamy peanut curry – just cook the curry as per the instructions and only drop the prawns in the last few minutes of cooking. We also have another great recipe for West African Satay using chicken – click here to check it out.

We have many more wonderful herbs and spice blends from Africa & Middle East along with loads more recipes and serving suggestions.

Spices used in this recipe


  1. Place a medium pot over low-med heat. When hot, add in your coconut oil (or ghee, if using) and gently melt. Add in your onions with a pinch of salt and saute to soften – about 3 mins. Add in your garlic and Satay spice blend and saute for a further minute, until fragrant.

  2. Stir in your tomatoes, tomato paste, and okra, and toss to coat in the spice/onion mix. Cook, gently stirring, for about 10 mins on medium heat. – The okra will release a sticky liquid while cooking but don’t worry, it will dissipate so just keep stirring on the heat.

  3. Add in your peanut butter, stock, and coconut milk and stir through. When the curry comes to a simmer, reduce to low and let it cook gently away for about 10-12 mins, until super-fragrant.

    When done, remove from the heat, squeeze your lemon juice to taste, serve with fluffy rice, and enjoy!

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