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  • Gourmet Spices

    Gourmet Spices

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    Our Gourmet spice range is extensive & perfect for enhancing the meals you prepare at home each day. We use the best ingredients to create an enriching aroma & flavour. Since 1998 thousands of loyal customers have been enriching their meals with our Gourmetspices.
  • Fast Pass Bundles

    Fast Pass Bundles

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    Looking for inspiration, try our handy spice packs loaded with great recipes using our hand spice blends, theres one for everyone,  meals on a budget, family friendly, mexican fiesta, fantastic fowls jsut to name a few . Each pack contains a selection of spice blends and a recipe plan for  your mid week meals
  • Brews of The World Chai Brews

    Brews of The World Chai Brews

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    We believe a great tasting, healthy chai should be natural. There's no need for additives or sugar or anything else. Our spices are freshly cracked and use ayurvedic wisdom to create a brew overflowing with flavour.

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