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Australian Native Spice Collection


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This wonderful collection of herbaceous, lemon and peppery native spices is truly unique and offers a new world of flavours and tastes which the average Aussie has not ventured to try. We encourage you to take a leap of faith and spice up your everyday sweet and savoury recipes with a little native flavour. We have put together a collection of recipes to get you started including a delicious Australian Christmas menu that will wow your friends and family but at the same time be reminiscent of traditional Christmas fare. This is the perfect gift for the person who loves to cook and try new cuisines. please note gift wrapping is not included
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Australian Native BBQ Seasoning is a delicious combination of our native herbs seasoned with seaweed salt and native pepper berries; use in sweet and savoury dishes for a zesty herbal and pepper kick. Native Wild Thyme is super versatile with mint, pepper and earthy tones, it is highly aromatic and gives off a minty aroma. Native River Mint adds a delicate and aromatic minty kick to sweet and savoury dishes. Peppermint Gum Leaf smells like Peppermint and Eucalyptus gum and tastes slightly pepperminty; use in sweet and savoury dishes for an aromatic minty kick. Pepper Berries Whole has intense heat, complex fruity flavour and sweet aroma and is hotter than conventional peppercorns. Use it in any dish to spice it up with a peppery zing. Pepper Berry Leaf has a fruity peppery flavour that is more herbal and packs a spicer, sharper and hotter punch than everyday pepper; use as regular pepper. Anise Myrtle has an aniseed (or licorice) aroma and is used for flavouring desserts, sweet sauces, and preserves or as a scented savoury sauce or marinade for meats and salad dressings. Lemon Myrtle has a creamy fresh lemon and lime fragrance and makes an ideal substitute for fresh lemongrass; it complements many savoury and sweet dishes. Saltbush adds a deliciously savoury, salty flavour as a healthier alternative to regular salt. Wattleseed is a superfood with a roasted, nutty aroma along with a touch of chocolate, raisins, and sweetness that works well in both sweet and savoury dishes. Strawberry Gum Leaf gives off a lovely sweet, intensely aromatic strawberry flavour when used in cooking both sweet and savoury dishes. White Kunzea has hints of eucalypt and citrus and pairs well with pepper berry and wattleseed; use in sweet and savoury dishes or as a tea.  


A collection of 12 different native spices plus an extra pack of our very special Native BBQ Seasoning, it is so versatile.  Other Australian native spices included are:  Native Thyme, River Mint, Peppermint Gum Leaf, Pepper Berry Whole, Pepper Berry Leaf, Anise Myrtle, Lemon Myrtle, Saltbush, Wattleseed ground, Strawberry Gum Leaf and White Kunzea.

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