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Calamari Salt n Pepper is a mild seasoning.  The mixture is made with Sichuan pepper white pepper and sea salt. Sichuan pepper is not a hot pepper, but rather lends the seasoning a crisp peppery taste. We are most familiar with the mixture used in salt and pepper calamari dishes. However, this versatile mixture is also great to season chicken, quail, duck, fish and pork



Culinary notes:

Calamari Salt n Pepper is a zesty mix of sichuan pepper, sea salt and white pepper. By using not only one but two pepper varieties we can balance out the warm peppery citrus flavour of the sichuan with the slight heat and bite from the white pepper. It is most commonly used in Asian cuisine for a crisp and flavoursome coating on squid.

  • This mixture is easy to use and can be substituted wherever a recipe suggests to season the food with salt and pepper.

Health benefits:

All of our blends are full of beneficial spices to your health. They are preservative free, additive free, filler free , low or zero salt. The intense flavour from our spice blends means a little goes a long way and using our spice blends to create the flavour in your dishes is a good way to incorporate the health benefits of beneficial herbs and spices without the calories. Also, we use  only Australian sea salt, which contains vital minerals and is considered a healthier salt.

Recipe/ product links:

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Made from local and imported ingredients; sichuan pepper, sea salt and pepper white.

Other names or spelling: chinese salt n pepper, salt n’ pepper squid

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