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Cassia Sticks (Quills)



Product Description

Cassia sticks are closely related to cinnamon. The sticks have a reddish brown colour and a warm, mild and sweet flavour, though it is significantly stronger than cinnamon. It is widely used in the United States.

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Culinary Notes :

Cassia Sticks also referred to as 'Chinese Cinnamon', is an aromatic bark similar to its close relative Cinnamon. The differences lie in the flavor and aroma of the spices with Cassia being the stronger of the two. Whilst being minor, to savvy cooks, the marginal differences can make all the difference in a dish.

Health Benefits:

Cassia has many nutritional and health benefits due to the essential oils contained in its bark. It contains calcium and manganese as well as antioxidants. It helps to lower blood sugar and cholesterol and maintain heart health.


100% dried Cassia sticks

How to Use:

  • The sticks can be reused up to four times
  • Use to prepare hot cocoa drinks
  • Use in eggnog, fruit dessert, and biryani
  • Use pieces of cassia stick to flavour desserts
  • Use in curries with a strong flavour
  • Add whole during the cooking process to impart their flavour and remove before serving
  • For a standard-sized dish (about 4 people) only 1 quill is needed. If the dish is larger, or you'd like a strong cinnamon flavour, add 2

Country of Origin:


Other Names or Spelling:

Cassia Bark, Cinnamon Quills, Bakera's Cinnamon, Bastard Cinnamon, Dutch Cinnamon, Cinnamomum burmanii, Canel, Canton Cassia, Cassia Bark, Chinese Cinnamon, Tramboon Cassia, Cassia quills

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