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Chives are long thin herbs belonging to the onion and garlic family. Freeze dried chives are small sections of the larger full herb, and have a similar light and spicy flavour to the fresh version. They can be added to almost any variety of dish or used as an attractive garnish. It is key ingredient in  many French Herb blends.

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Culinary Notes:

Chives are long thin herbs belonging to the onion and garlic family. Chives Freeze-Dried are small sections of the larger full herb and have similar light and spicy flavour to the fresh version. They can be added to almost any variety of dish or used as an attractive garnish. It is a key ingredient in many French Herb blends and used commonly in fish dishes as well as soups and potatoes to impart an onion-garlic flavour that's much less pungent and is more palatable.

Health benefits:

Chives are a source of vitamins, minerals and have many health benefits. They contain Vitamin A and Vitamin C and minerals as copper, iron, manganese, zinc, and calcium. They contain antioxidants, fibre and antibacterial properties.


100% Freeze-Dried Chives

How to use:

  • Add chives towards the end of cooking so that their flavour does not become cooked out of the dish
  • Add to egg dishes as omelettes or scrambled eggs
  • Use them as a garnish on pasta dishes or garlic bread
  • Use it in salads, sauces and fish
  • They go well with avocados, stir-fries and herb butter
  • They combine well with basil, cilantro, paprika and parsley
  • Use to enhance the flavour of white cheese, baked potatoes, soup and creamy herb sauces
  • Use in place of fresh chives 1:1

Country of Origin:

Central Asia

Other names or spelling:

Onion Chives, Rush Leek, Allium schoenoprasum, freeze-dried chives

1 review for Chives Freeze Dried

  1. carliejames80 (verified owner)

    I had never used dried chives before. I love chives in my scrambled eggs. This wasn’t as good as fresh chives but any chives is better than no chives & I’m so glad I bought this as our eggs were delicious & it is very economical as you don’t need much. I thought they might have a dry texture to them but they blended in perfectly. Looking forward to sprinkling them on open cheese toasties & using to garnish a lot if things really.

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