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Garlic Flakes Smoked

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Product description

Garlic is obtained from a perennial plant and is a member of the lily family, and relative to the onions. Dried smoked garlic flakes have a smokey bitter-sweet flavour and a pungent aroma similar to fresh garlic. The Spice People carry these garlic products:garlic granules, garlic powder, and garlic flakes smoked  
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Culinary Notes :

Dried smoked garlic flakes have a smokey bitter-sweet flavour and a pungent aroma similar to fresh garlic. Add a fragrant, smoky, sweet garlic flavour instantly without the need to always have fresh, perishable garlic on-hand.

Health benefits:

Garlic has anti-fungal, antibacterial, and antiviral properties.


100% Smoked Garlic Flakes

How to use:

  • Use smoked garlic flakes for slow cooking as it takes about 20 minutes to release its full flavour
  • If there is no liquid in the recipe, soak the garlic flakes for about 15 minutes for later sprinkle to the dish
  • Use it similarly as you would use roasted garlic adding a smoky flavour
  • They can be rehydrated in boiling water before cooking
  • Use to enhance the flavour of savoury dishes
  • Use it in curries and casseroles
  • 5 flakes are about the equivalent of 1 fresh clove

Recipe/product links:

Click below or scan the QR code on the back of your product packet to find recipes and how-to-use instructions Season this with that: a great little guide of which spices go with different foods Spaghetti Meatballs with Pork Cream of Celeriac Soup

Country of Origin:

South eastern Siberia and Mediterranean

Other names or spelling:

Clown’s Treacle, Poor Man’s Treacle, Allium sativum


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