Middle Eastern Collection-10pack


SAVE 20%  -This  pack includes 10 gourmet blends – Egyptian Dukkah original, Moroccan Ras el Hanout ,  Tunisian Harissa, Middle Eastern Za’atar, South African Cape Malay,  West african satay, Ethiopian Berbere, Lebanese Baharat, ,Egyptian dukkah crunchy and North African Chermoula.



SAVE 20%  – Our Middle Eastern Collection includes 10 gourmet blends from the motherland of exotic spice blends including- Egyptian dukkah original, , Moroccan Ras el Hanout ,  Tunisian Harissa, Middle Eastern Za’atar, South African Cape Malay,  West African Satay, Ethiopian Berbere, Lebanese Baharat, Egyptian dukkah crunchy and North African Chermoula. Our Middle Eastern Collection spice mixes are ideal for an easy weeknight meal or a special dinner party, our blends will be sure to impress your friends and family and have them thinking you were working away for hours. We’ve taken out all the hard work for you by adding in all the flavour.

For more information on each spice blend click the linked words above.

Culinary Notes

  • Mix some Egyptian Dukkah original with some Extra Virgin Olive Oil for a simple dip great served with some crusty bread
  • Our Middle Eastern Za’atar blend is perfect rubbed on lamb and slow roasted
  • Toast our Moroccan Ras el Hanout dry in a pan to bring out a wonderful aroma then use to mix through cous cous for a wonderful side dish
  • Our Egyptian dukkah crunchy is perfect sprinkled of smashed avocado on toast for a great breakfast


These spice blends can be used in a variety of different ways but here are some recipe ideas to get your culinary creative juices flowing:

Egyptian Dukkah crusted lamb cutlets

Slow cooked lamb with lebanese baharat spice and cous cous

lebanese baharat spice blend- salt free

Tunisian Harissa Lamb Tagine with Eggplant and Potato


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