A00001 Saffron Threads Whole
A00001 Saffron Threads Whole

Saffron Threads (Whole)



Product Description

Saffron is the world’s most expensive spice by weight. The saffron threads are the whole stigmas from the purple-flowered crocus.  Its golden color can be imitated by cheaper spices such as safflower and turmeric.  Saffron's rich and delicate flavor is unable to be imitated.  Saffron is widely used to color and flavor dishes in a variety of cuisines, including saffron rice, biryani, paella, risottos, and bouillabaisse.

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Culinary Notes:

Saffron threads are used in all manner dishes, particularly those that include seafood and shellfish, as well as a variety of rice, sauces, and soups. Saffron is the world’s most expensive spice by weight. Saffron threads are the stigmas of the purple-flowered crocus. Each flower produces only three threads, which are picked and sorted by hand. It is used for its slightly woody and sweeter floral aroma, color, and medicinal properties. Saffron’s golden color can be imitated by cheaper spices such as safflower and turmeric, but its rich and delicate flavor is unable to be imitated. It is used to color and flavor dishes in a variety of cuisines, including Indian dishes such as saffron rice and biryani, Spanish dishes such as paella, Italian risottos, and French bouillabaisse, as well as a range of other recipes including bread, seafood dishes, and soups.

Health Benefits:

Saffron has health benefits and medicinal properties. It is considered as an antioxidant and disease-preventing. Its antioxidant properties protect the body from stress, cancer, and infections. It is also considered to be an antiseptic, antidepressant and help aid in the upkeep of good digestion. It is a good source of minerals such as copper, potassium, calcium, manganese, iron, selenium, zinc, and magnesium. Additionally, it is rich in vitamin A, folic acid, riboflavin, niacin, and vitamin C. The abundance of vitamin A means that it is often considered to prevent retinal decay over time.




  • 100% dried Whole Saffron Threads
  • Packed in Australia from 100%  imported  products

Other Names or Spelling:

Yellow Flower, Crocus sativus, Safron, Saphron, Safran

How to Use:

  • Saffron is best added during cooking to allow the maximum flavour to develop.
  • Use half a gram to flavour most family size dishes
  • To get the best infusion of colour and flavour: add a pinch of saffron to a small amount of warm liquid (water, milk or stock).  Allow to steep for a couple of minutes then add to your dish
  • It is used to colour and flavour  dishes such as paella and biryani, bread, cakes,  fish, risotto, and bouillabaisse

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a saffron thread?

Saffron threads obtained from the stigmas of the flowering plant Crocus sativus. The crimson coloured stigmas are collected and dried to be used for seasoning and dye mainly.

2. Is it OK to eat saffron threads?

Consuming raw saffron threads can be dangerous. More than 5 gm is poisonous. However, you can take it in the form of saffron dietary supplements or cook it in hot water before use.

3. Why are saffron threads so expensive?

Crocus sativus, or saffron plant, flowers in the fall only. Each flower has only three stigmas. The yield is quite low, and the harvesting process requires a lot of labours.

4. What does saffron threads taste like?

Saffron threads have a sweet floral taste. The flavour of this queen spice is subtly earthy & grassy similar to honey.

5. What do saffron threads look like?

Saffron threads are deep red or crimson in colour. One end of the thread is thin yellow, while the other is flute-like. Real saffron threads are even in size and fine in quality.

6. Where can I buy saffron threads?

You can easily find saffron threads in the spices section at your nearest grocery store or simply order them online from our website.

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