Vanilla Sugar


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Traditional European style Vanilla Sugar is  made by blending finely ground vanilla beans in with castor sugar. It has a fragrant sweet vanilla flavour and subtly infused with the aroma of vanilla beans. It is a common ingredient in the European desserts. This fragrant rich vanilla-sugar can be employed in cakes, puddings, and ice-creams.

The spice people carries three sorts of vanilla; vanilla beans whole, vanilla bean extract and vanilla sugar.



Culinary Notes :

Vanilla sugar is traditionally used in deserts, sauces, coffee, cakes and tea.
Other uses and culinary ideas for vanilla sugar are:

  • Sprinkle on cookies, muffins, cakes and biscuits
  • Use on cut-up fruit, especially good with strawberries or when cooking with fruits
  • Used in baking and candy-making, especially in ice-cream.
  • Sprinkle for coffee and hot chocolate.

Country of origin:

Papau New Guinea, Central America, Indonesia, Mexico, Tahiti, and West Indies

Other names: Vanilla Bean, Vanilla Pod, Vanilla Extract, Vanilla planifolia, Fructus Vanillae, Vanille(French), Vanille (German), Vaniglia (Italian), Vainilla(Spanish)


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