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Wattle seed is an Australian native spice. For the best, flavour it should be roasted and ground. It has a nutty and woody flavour and coffee like aroma. This versatile spice can be used to flavour desserts and meats maximizing the flavour in your cooking. Use in any dish where you want a hazelnut or coffee taste. Also, they are a good source of fibre and protein and have many health benefits.



Culinary Notes :

A rare native spice that is versatile and uniquely Australian. Wattleseed has strong coffee, chocolate and hazelnut aroma and flavour.

Due to the Australian bush fires this year, the availability of this crop has been adversely impacted.  We still have supply but the price has increased.

Our Wattleseed is a fine ground, extra dark roast to provide maximum flavour and dispersion in your cooking.

  • Use to flavour biscuits, muffins, pancake and bread
  • It goes well with coriander seed
  • Makes a good caffeine free coffee substitute.
  • Use to flavour meats and seafood
  • Use is as a coffee and hazelnuts substitute
  • Sprinkle over cappuccinos
  • Choose high quality wattle seeds ground with a nut coffee aroma.
  • Use in marinades and to thick sauces
  • Used in creamy foods like ice cream, it will impart a more chocolate and hazelnut flavour.
  • used in baking and liquids you will get a more coffee and hazelnut effect.
  • Endlessly versatile, use in the same concentration as you would cinnamon, just a pinch for some mild flavour, more for a complete aromatic effect.


Banana, Rum, Pepperberry & Wattleseed Bread

Native-Spiced BBQ Kangaroo with Chips

Wattleseed French Toast with Strawberry Gum Cream

Health benefits:

Wattle seed has many health benefits. They are a good source of fiber and energy. Also, it can help to fight against cancer.

Country of origin:


Other names or spelling: Elegant wattle, Prickly wattle, Gundabluey, Bramble wattle, Elegant acacia, Coastal wattle, Wirilda, Mulga, Golden wattle, Gundabluey watle

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