The Spice People’s guide to the perfect BBQ marinade

korean bbq beef marinade

Let spice enthusiast Liz Edgecombe be your guide to making the perfect healthy at-home marinade.

There are so many sauces and marinades on the market now however most of them contain nasty additives and preservatives. Here at The Spice People we believe healthy natural cooking can be delicious with the perfect blend of herbs and spices negating the need for any nasties. To make life a little easier for you at home our founder Liz Edgecombe has created the perfect fail-proof marinade recipe which can be easily altered with different blends to suit any palette. In our instructional video below Liz goes through the foundation recipe for any marinade. You can watch further to learn how to make the ever popular Tandoori marinade using simply our Indian Tandoori spice blend and ingredients found in your pantry.