The Spice People’s guide on the perfect salts for your cooking


Let spice expert Liz Edgecombe guide you to finding the right salt for you.

Salt has to be one of the most commonly used spices but are you using the right salt for you? There are a variety of different salts and salt blends available now all varying in flavor, intensity and even health benefits. It is a common misconception that salt is bad for your health wherein actual fact there are many healthy salt blends now on the market.

One of our most popular blends is the Celery Salt Seasoning. With celery being a natural flavor enhancer and with the addition of garlic and onion you need much less salt for full flavor impact. Another from our healthy salt range is our Seaweed Salt. With the combination of Victorian harvested wakame seaweed and unrefined macrobiotic sea salt from the Great Barrier Reef, it is perfect for adding a concentrated salty umami flavor without adding large amounts. Watch our video below by founder Liz Edgecombe to learn more about the varieties of salts we stock and how you can find the right salt for you.

Spices used in this recipe

  • Smoked Salt & Chilli Seasoning – Med

    Product description

    Smoked chilli seasoning is definitely a salt that is big on flavour. It has just the right amount of heat and smokey tones to get most barbecue fanatics excited. The combination of kosher style salt, chilli, garlic and pepper which is then smoked with oak wood adds a real burst of umami flavour and can be added to any dish where you want a greater flavour. We use kosher style salt because it is better at carrying these strong flavours than regular sea salt.

    SKU: B00971
  • Himalayan Pink Salt

    Product Description

    Himalayan Pink Salt is hand-mined inside the Himalayan Mountains and is suitable for consumption in its natural state. Its colour varies over a spectrum from red to white, the most common being pink. Himalayan Pink salt is considered the purest salt available and is much healthier than common table salt as it contains 84 trace mineral components. Himalayan Pink Salt is known to have more health qualities than regular rock salt. It helps to improve hydration in the body by absorbing water at a more rapid rate and balances out the body’s blood sugar levels. It also helps to prevent and release muscle cramping. As well as in cooking, the salts can also be used in baths for a soothing muscle soak or as a body scrub and exfoliator.

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