The Benefits of Five Different Spices That are Used in Mixed Herbs

Mixed herbs are one of the popular spice blends that are used in a variety of dishes to bring…

Mixed herbs are one of the popular spice blends that are used in a variety of dishes to bring a delicate flavor and aroma. It’s a simple way to make tasty and instant recipes without adding any extra additives or calories. Some people fear that the packaged seasoning may contain some preservatives but it’s not true in every case. This is why everyone should be careful before choosing mixed herbs spice blends. This blend contains five different spices including marjoram, thyme, sage, basil, and rosemary. The traditional blend doesn’t have the basil and rosemary but the modern blend contains all the five spices. This releases a distinct floral aroma when these are added at the final stage of cooking a dish. This spice blend can be used for different dish including vegetables, cheese dishes, pasta sauces, marinades, butter, bread, omelets, meat, etc. Not only does it make the food tastier but also the spice blend is healthier for everyone since these are additive and preservative-free. However, very few people know about the different types of spices used to make this mixed blend. So, let’s take a look at these,

1. Marjoram

Marjoram is a popular spice, especially for North American and Mediterranean cookery. These can be added to make a variety of dishes including the stuffing and sausages. The family of this culinary herb is the same as the oregano. In fact, in the USA these are called oregano. People often get confused when differentiating between the two since both of them look quite similar. However, there are several varieties of this marjoram spice depending upon the size and color of the leaves of the plant. It adds a floral flavor when added to the cookery. This is one of the significant herbs used to make those mixed herbs.

2. Sage

Sage is a strong herb with an intense flavor. There are innumerable recipes one can make with this spice but the best way to yield its most is to crumble it over the dishes after the cooking is completed. This can be used for a lot of variety of dishes including sauces, pastries, meat marinades, butter, etc. But it adds a hit of herbal flavor when added to teas or cocktails. This is another spice compound used among the mixed herbs.

3. Thyme

Thyme adds an overwhelming flavor to the dishes and makes it more delicious. Commonly people use this for sauces, soups and for braises. But, when the thyme is used with Mediterranean herbs like marjoram, it creates a spicy and delicious flavor. This is why Italian and French meals are the best in the world.

4. Basil

There can’t be any denial in saying that basil has innumerable medicinal benefits if consumed in a proper manner. This is why the mixed herb is considered to be healthy and tasty. It prevents every single disease that anyone can think of.

5. Rosemary

Since ancient times, people have been using rosemary for its innumerable medicinal properties. It can help to alleviate a lot of pain and improve memory. This is one of the prime compounds of the mixed herbs.


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