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Are you looking to explore new foodie regions of the world? We’ve made it fast and simple for you to choose a new cuisine to cook every night with our handy spice blends, easy-to-follow recipes, plus a list of hacks on seasoning your food the simple way, region by region. Fo an even better culinary journey aour newest range has just been launched to make this even easier to achive, you can read about the flavours of the world here

Our Recipes tab is categorised into 6 regional cuisines to help you find the perfect foodie fit for you. Read all about which cuisines you can find and a little about each unique region.

Regional Cuisines of the world

1. Australian and SE Asia
2. Asia
3. Europe
4. Latin America
5. North America
6 Africa and the Middle East

1. Australian and SE Asia

This diverse culinary region is all about celebrating its native and locally-sourced ingredients combined with adopted flavours and cooking techniques from around the world to bring home-grown produce to life. From barbecues to slow-cooks, to fresh and vibrant salads, this melting pot of a foodie region has a lot to offer.

As well as being one of the most multicultural cuisines in the world, there has been a great surge in celebrating all that’s local. Australian native herbs and spices have been used by our Indigenous population for centuries, however, we often find that people shy away from using them as they are unsure of the new and unique flavours they carry. Although whilst they are unique, Indigenous herbs and spices have similar flavour profiles to more-commonly-known herbs and spices like Australian Native Wild Thyme, Pepper Berries Whole, Australian Native Rivermint, plus many more.

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This version of the Aussie Burger uses our Native BBQ Seasoning to make things simple and adds a great depth of flavour with a fragrant combination of native herbs and spices.

To see more of what this great region’s food is about, Click Here to take a look at our extensive range of Australian & South-East Asian recipes.

2. Asia

Using a wide range of spices, flavours, and textures, South Asian cuisine is all about stimulating the senses. Spanning across the subcontinent, South Asian cuisine features a diverse range of flavours, aromas and cooking techniques that transfer and differ throughout.

A large portion of this cuisine is all about curries. Curries are an excellent way of creating rich, deep flavour with herbs and spices and can be adapted easily to suit any ingredient or local flavour. Each South Asian region has its version of the curry, but a large influencer when it comes to this now-popular dish is India. India is known as a mecca of spices and has been a great influencer for other regional cuisines.

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A classic Indian curry that’s full of deep, rich flavour from our Curry Bombay Madras blend from the Madras region in South India. It’s a medium-hot blend that adds great flavour instantly.

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3. Europe

European cuisine is one of the most popular around the world and it all about fresh, simple flavours and honed cooking techniques. From the simplicity of Italian and Greek cuisine to the rich, complex flavours and aromas of France and Spain, this broad continent gives and gives when it comes to delicious food.

Sampling the local cuisine is a must throughout Europe, so cook your way across this region with our simple and tasty recipes; Click Here to view our catalogue.

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Our take on a classic Spanish paella using chorizo, chicken, prawns, and our Spanish Paella Spice Blend.

4. Latin America

One of the most colourful, vibrant regions of the world, this spot is one full of wonderful flavours from local chillies and picante spices that make the most flavourful dishes and an absolute fiesta in your mouth.

A prominent ingredient in this cuisine is chillies. As unique as their regions, chillies come in all different shapes, sizes, colours, and heat intensities. From mild to hot, Latin Americans love the flavour and vibrancy they bring to dishes and offset them perfectly with the use of fruits, meats, other spices, and even chocolate to make sumptuous dishes.

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Our cheats version of a classic Mexican street food dish – barbacoa. Slow-cooked tender lamb with our Mexican Burrito/Fajita spice blend, chilli, and lime.

5. North America

All about deep, smoky flavours and honed grilling techniques perfected over centuries, North American cuisine has a rich history and even richer flavours. This region showcases the best of our complex blends so you can add traditional smoky flavours in an instant like our Memphis Smoky BBQ Rub or Powdered Smoke Hickory Blend.

This region is known for its celebration of the classic barbecue consisting of slow-roasted and smoked meats paired with fresh slaws and cornbread. Many recipes still used today were created centuries ago and have travelled through family generations – a true testament to this region’s love of food.

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Our Memphis Smoky BBQ Rub adds all the rich, smoky flavours of the Deep South, giving your beef brisket that authentic BBQ flavour in just one handy spice blend.

6 Africa and the Middle East

Chockfull of intricate, diverse, and sumptuous flavours so masterfully combined, the Middle East & Africa is one of our world’s most significant and influential spice and culinary capitals. Known for their spice producing and blending, the Middle East and Africa have a huge range of blends that spans their entire region. Each country has its own signature blends that have been used for centuries and can vary and differentiate between towns.

To celebrate these homegrown flavours, this region’s cuisine consists of slow-cooks and braises in the form of the world-renowned tagine, as well as vibrant and colourful side dishes like couscous and roasted vegetables. Their clever flavour balancing and mixing often sees the addition of sweet dried fruits to offset savoury dishes and work in harmony with the spices used. As well as flavour, this cuisine is very much about playing with texture with the use of different nuts and seeds.

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A vegetarian dish of silky braised eggplant in our Lebanese Baharat spice blend.

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