Ways to Cook Your Best Meals using Chipotle chilies in Australia

Chipotle has become synonymous with Mexican food in Australia. Chipotle Australia is becoming a popular choice for home cooks,…

Chipotle has become synonymous with Mexican food in Australia. Chipotle Australia is becoming a popular choice for home cooks, as well. It lends a complex flavour to soups, stews, roasted vegetables, and chilli, of course. Because it is smoked over a wood fire for several days, the jalapeno acquires an earthy, smoky, and tangy flavour that is intense.
There are many variants of Chipotle available, from dried peppers to canned ones and chipotle oil too. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Dried Chipotle

The dried variant of chipotle is not completely dry. It still has 20% to 30% of moisture and is not brittle. If the chipotle breaks easily, then it is too old and you should not buy it. The one you should buy should have a supple texture. Soak it in warm water for one hour before using it in chili, chipotle sauce, and salsa.

Canned Chipotle

This is a ready-to-use variant that has already been reconstituted. The canned version is preserved in adobo sauce made of vinegar, herbs, and ground chilies. You can use the entire contents of the can in chipotle hummus, over a taco, and to make a chipotle mayo dip. Chipotle Australia is available in grocery stores and online.

Chipotle Powder

This is a ground, powdered version of the smoked dry jalapenos. The easiest variation to use, it has a long shelf life. It makes a perfect seasoning for roasted vegetables and meats, baked eggs, and even on popcorn. It will enhance the flavour of the simplest of dishes to give it the earthy, smoky tones that are usually the result of grilling.

Chipotle Oil

Chipotle oil made by adding a few finely chopped chipotle peppers to a cup of oil. This mixture is cooked for some minutes until the flavour of the pepper is infused into the oil. Leave for a few hours before using it. Any oil leftover can be refrigerated and can be used up to a month. You can use this oil for brushing meats and fish before barbequing.

Now we know the different variants of Chipotles available; let’s discuss the different peppers used to make Chipotles.

Morita Chipotles

This is a mild flavoured chipotle as it is smoked for lesser time. It is dark red or sometimes purplish in colour.

Tipico Chipotle

These are jalapenos that have been smoked longer. Their flavour is more intense, and they turn to a tan colour. The Tipico chipotle is much in demand in the Mexico region, and there is little left to export.

Chipotle is becoming a popular replacement for regular peppers in Australia. Because of its intensely smoky flavour, it lends a grilled-like taste to regular dished. So, get your pack of chipotle and go wild.

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