The slow-cooks of Morocco, to the rich curries of Ethiopia

This melting pot of so many diverse religions, ethnic groups and cultures bonds communities together through mutual love and pride for their native delicacies that have been cooked and celebrated for centuries.

Africa and the Middle East have long been at the crossroads of the world’s spice route for traders, travelers, and empire builders for thousands of years, all contributing to the cultural richness we see today. From the Roman and Ottoman Empires of the 16th century to the Portuguese, Indian, and European influences still carried through to today. This fascinating pocket of the world has a rich history with traditions and customs being passed down through generations with a real sense of family and community connection. Food in this region is so much more than just daily sustenance.

A significant influence on such cultures and events within this region is religion.

With a diverse mix of Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and many traditional African rites, each carries its own set of rituals and traditions that inspire the rhythm of daily life and the ingredients they cook with.


Set on the eastern side of Africa, Ethiopia is the second-most populated country in Africa and one full of colour, flavour, and vibrancy. Grounded in Christianity and Islam’s historical and contemporary customs, this democratic republic is all about community and developing and harnessing connections through their beliefs and, the most prominent of all, food! Ethiopians live to eat, and there’s a national dish for every occasion.


To the west of North Africa and bordering the Mediterranean Sea is Morocco – arguably one of our world’s most renowned cuisines. Creator of the famous tagine – a traditional clay pot used to braise meats and vegetables, Morocco has introduced our world to the delightful marriage of sweet and savoury and incorporating perfumed dried fruits with rich essences all soaked up by their local delicacy – couscous.

Because food is our common language, choose yours …

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