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    spice grinder set

    Spice Grinder and Refill Pack Combo Deal – Save 20%

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    Spice Grinder and Refill Pack Combo Deal – Save 20%

    Trick up your kitchen condiments with our fantastic combo deal save 10%
    Deal includes :
    * 1 pair of stainless steel spice grinders value $16.99
    each grinder will hold approx 75g of each salt or pepper
    *A large packet of whole black peppercorns 150g
    *Choose one of the following Salts (at least 2 refills in each packet)
    Sea salt flakes 150g
    Sea salt crystals 495g
    Himalayan pink salt crystals 475g
    Smoked Sea salt flakes 150g
    Charcoal black sea salt flakes 150g
    Sea salt flakes white and charcoal black blend 150g

    SKU: G03400
  • flavours of the world collection

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    flavours of the world collection

    Explore the iconic dishes of the spice route with the amazing collection of 12 iconic spice blends and 36 plus recipes to choose from.
    BONUS FREE- calico spice bag for easy storage and handling and makes the perfect natural gift packaging.
    Gift someone a great present for a birthday, housewarming, Xmas or just to share the love of good food.
    Dinner should never be boring, and now we have made it so easy for you to create chef-worthy meals easily at home.

  • Draw String Spice Bag

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    Draw String Spice Bag

    Keep your spice collection neat and tidy whilst keeping your spices nice and fresh with our all-new Reusable Muslin Spice Bag. Each bag fits up to 10 regular-sized spices or 2 large and can be used again and again for handy storage.

    Made from 100% eco-friendly cotton, you can store your spices the sustainable way.

    Purchase with our Sweet Chai-Scented Candle in our 15%-off gifting bundle HERE.

  • Gift Voucher

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    Gift Voucher

    Trying to find the perfect gift for friends and family can be a difficult task. Why not give them the gift of taste with our brand new gift vouchers.Valid for 365 days from purchase – they offer a fantastic way to encourage people to be more creative in the kitchen. Encourage your friends to buy quality spices and enrich their every day meals. As an added benefit you will be rewarded with store credits to use on your next purchase. The bigger the gift value the more credits you earn. Choose your gift value – no postage charge.

    SKU: G03311