European food is commonly hearty, bold, and yet subtle

In both comfort foods and more complex dishes, ingredients are always fresh and locally harvested. It’s the uniqueness of preparation and regional sauces that set each country apart.

This continent is chock full of vivacious countries with a passion for food ingrained in their routes. Food is commonly big, bold, and full of flavour throughout. With a warm Mediterranean climate and plenty of sunshine to the South and seasonal traditions with brisk winters and balmy summers to the North, an onus on using seasonal local produce of fruits, vegetables, meats, and seafood is prevalent and to flavour them, herbs, spices and of course – lashings of Europe’s famous olive oil. Like the landscape surrounding them, European cuisine moves and changes with the seasons, but tradition and local flavours are never left behind. Few condiments and sauces are used throughout this region to season dishes, so herbs and spices are a must! It’s all about celebrating produce for what it is and using clever flavour mixing to enhance and play on natural flavours.

Sampling the local cuisine is a must throughout Europe as for most Europeans, food is life.

From the fresh, simple tastes of Italy to the rich, complex flavours and aromas of France, this broad continent gives and gives when it comes to delicious food. A symbol of love, passion and connection, food has brought families and communities together for centuries throughout this diverse continent.


Greek food is described by its locals as humble, honest, and generous. Modest in its cooking techniques, natural in its flavours and ultra-generous when it comes to serving sizes. Aptly referred to as the food of the Gods, it is one of our globe’s most ancient and almost religious experiences and expressions for its people. One of their prized creations – olive oil – is even used for bathing babies in for christenings. Though the Italians and Spanish may have something to say about Greece’s claim on olive oil, the Greeks believe their national tree produces the best there is in the market.


When it comes to Spanish food, there is no subtlety. It’s all about maximum flavour and maximum enjoyment. With a big emphasis on sharing dishes like Tapas, food is a communal and shared experience and is always enjoyed and celebrated with friends and family. Rice and bread are prominent in this region and are always accompanied by rich, sumptuous dishes and bowls of scarlet-hued delights. In a country where big and bold is better – explore the fast, fiery world of Spanish food one sizzling plate at a time!

Because food is our common language, choose yours …

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