Mexican Flavours

The most widely cooked and reproduced of Latin America’s many diverse cuisines, Mexican food is all about punchy flavours embracing bold and complementary infusions with loads of Mexican spices and a heavy reliance on citrus. Culturally, there has always been an emphasis on using what was local to them with a clever balance of sour from limes and tomatillos, sweet from produce like tomatoes, chocolate, and herbs, and spice from authentic Mexican spices found in almost every dish. This clever balance, offsetting rich meats and dense carbohydrates, is indicative of Mexican cuisine and makes every mouthful an exciting taste experience. Vastly different from the Tex-Mex versions we mostly eat, the cuisine is clean, light, and very fresh. Spices in Mexican cooking are imperative, so creating a blend of herbs and spices used in Mexican cuisine to create an authentic Mexican spice mix is a crucial foundation when cooking Mexican cuisine.

History & Influences

Mexico is home to one of the world’s ancient cultures and Mexican food history has a rich and detailed past that created the Mexican culture and cuisine we see today. Various civilizations flourished in the pre-Columbian era, including the Olmecs from around 1200 BC until the arrival of the Mayans around 250 AD. The Toltec people appeared in central Mexico near the 10th century before the arrival of the Aztecs. Partnering with the Toltecs and Mayans the alliance conquered smaller cultures to the east and west until the Aztec empire spanned Mexico from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf Coast.

What is Mexican cuisine?

One of the most colourful, vibrant regions of the world, Mexican cuisine is one full of wonderful flavours from local chillies and Picante spices that make the most flavourful dishes and an absolute fiesta in your mouth. 

To the south of the United States bordering the Gulf of Mexico and Gulf of Californian seas, Mexico is a diverse country with each region more different than the next. Mexico’s varied corners have been reflected in its diverse and eclectic culinary culture. The north of Mexico is best known for its use of beef, goat and ostrich; in the Yucatan region, food is less spicy and much sweeter with achiote (a flavourful paste made from spices, seeds and bitter orange juice) being the most common flavouring; the Oaxacan region is best known for tamales (pockets of corn dough stuffed with either sweet or savoury fillings then wrapped in banana leaves or corn husks and steamed) and moles (Mole meaning ‘sauce’ that’s used as a marinade or serving sauce.


Tender chicken and sweet capsicums sauteed in the sweet-smoky flavours of our Burrito blend

Crispy, juicy shredded pork carnitas cooked low and slow in Burrito spices and sweet, tangy orange juice.

Hearty mushrooms and cauliflower make the perfect meat substitutes in this flavour-loaded vegetarian version of the famous burrito bowl.

Smoky Mexican flavours with black beans, corn, avocado and tomato in a burrito wrap.

Iconic Mexican Dishes

A true fiesta of food and flavour, authentic Mexican cuisine comprises dishes like chilaquiles, spicy tamales, classic tacos, the traditional Pre-Hispanic pozole, crispy tostadas, or loaded enchiladas are packed with zest and best served with lashings of fresh Guacamole. Avocados are native to Mexico and many dishes feature them. Mole is another staple, with each family recipe slightly different from another, with a minimum of 20 ingredients and including fruits, nuts, chilli peppers, and spices like black pepper, cinnamon, or cumin.

Mexican spices

Spices are popular throughout Mexico, with many farming regions growing, producing, and selling in the spice trade. Herbs and spices used in Mexican cuisine are a crucial foundation to the traditional Mexican flavour we know and love with homegrown chillies at the forefront. Chillies are essential ingredients in Mexican cooking, with a vast array of many native varieties, all ranging in flavours and heat intensities. Many are harvested and then dried, originally a technique used to preserve them.

Mexican Burrito

Mexican food is all about punchy flavours, combining bold and complementary infusions with loads of spice and a heavy reliance on citrus. Culturally, there has always been an emphasis on using what was local. A famous Mexican street eat of filled tortillas, the Burrito can be made with seafood, meat, chicken, or vegetables. Our smoky Burrito blend is mild in heat and full of authentic Mexican exuberance.

Flavours of the world

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