Traditional Mexican Cuisine

When it comes to iconic dishes in Mexico, there is certainly no shortage. Here are just a few of…

When it comes to iconic dishes in Mexico, there is certainly no shortage. Here are just a few of some of their delicious local gems:

Mexican Street Foods

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Tacos, Fajita, and Burrito

Often when we think Mexican food, we think tacos! One of Mexico’s most popular taco varieties, Tacos al Pastor, dates back to the 1920s and 30s when Lebanese and Syrian migrants came to Mexico. ‘Al Pastor’ means ‘in the style of the shepherd’ and is where thin strips of pork are sliced off a spit and served on corn tortillas with onions, coriander, and pineapple.
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Tortillas and Enchiladas

Enchiladas are a well-known traditional Mexican dish enjoyed all over. A little different to their original incarnation, enchiladas are now most commonly corn or flour tortillas filled with meat, vegetables, beans, or seafood, topped with cheese and chilli sauce, and baked. These make the perfect Mexican breakfast!

Chilaquiles to Mexicans are like bacon and eggs to Aussies. Made of fried corn tortillas cut into quarters and topped with red or green salsa, scrambled or fried eggs, chicken, cheese and cream, enjoyed as a classic breakfast dish and in true Mexican fashion, often come with refried beans.

Tamales – First created for the Aztec, Mayan and Inca tribes who needed fueling up before going into battle, Tamales are pockets of corn dough stuffed with either sweet or savoury fillings then wrapped in banana leaves or corn husks and steamed. Fillings can include anything from meats, vegetables, mole, cheeses or even fruits.

Meaning ‘toasted’, Tostadas are just that! Crispy, toasty corn tortillas fried in hot oil until super-crunchy. These golden disks are topped with various toppings like refried beans, cheese, seafood or pulled meat.

Mole- pronounced ” moh – leh”

Mole, meaning ‘sauce’, is used widely as a marinade whilst cooking and a sauce for serving. With each area keeping their secret recipe, there is no set Mole ingredient list. However, most will contain a variety of chillies, spices, chocolate and thickened with nuts, then cooked low and slow until super-rich and fragrant. Mole is another staple, with each family recipe slightly different to another, with a minimum of 20 ingredients and including fruits, nuts, chilli peppers, and spices like black pepper, cinnamon, or cumin.

Essential Ingredients and Accompaniments

Guacamole is undeniably one of Mexico’s most popular dishes and one that’s enjoyed worldwide. It is a traditional sauce/dip that dates back to Aztec times. Guacamole is a perfect accompaniment with just about food! The most common combination is mashed avocado, onions, tomatoes, lime, and chilli.
Pozole is a traditional dish served in rituals made from hominy corn with herbs and spices and is stewed for hours to develop the flavour. It can be made vegetarian or with the addition of chicken or pork. It is usually served with lettuce, radish, onion, lime and chilli on top.

When it comes to classic Mexican food, you can’t go past the street eats. One of Mexico’s most famous street foods that are available on almost every street corner, Elote is corn that’s chargrilled and topped with a tangy, creamy, spicy sauce of lime, sour cream, mayonnaise and chilli powder and finished with cheese.

The centrepiece of every meal, tortillas are made from ground corn and water to make a paste, rolled out into a ball, flattened on stone, and charred on a hot plate.

Mexican Beverages

When it comes to drinks in Mexico, obvious fiesta refreshments include tequila and beer or jarritos, which is Mexican cola. For a sweet treat, however, hot chocolate is always a favourite. Made the traditional way with a long, ribbed stick called a molinillo to make it frothy, milk is brought to the heat in a clay pot with rich dark chocolate and sometimes a hint of chilli powder.


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