Mexican Mole Poblano Sauce

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Mole poblano pronounced” mool ee” is an often overlooked famous Mexican dish as traditionally it took a long to make and was generally only made for special occasions.

“If there is one dish that could be considered Mexican haute cuisine, then Mole Poblano is surely it. Legend has it that the voluptuous sauce — a blend of chillies, spices, and chocolate — was created by the European Catholic nuns of Puebla to honour a visiting bishop.”

So what is mole sauce- it really is not hard to make and makes a wonderful alternative to taco/fajita or burrito sauces that so often form our staple Mexican food in Australia.

Mole has many versions, this recipe is for the poblano is known as red mole sauce is a rich combination of chillies such as ancho, pasilla, mulato or chipotle chillies. These chillies are paired with chocolate, tomatoes, nuts and raisins all roasted and pureed to make a delicious sauce which can be used to flavour, chicken or vegetables, and is the perfect sauce for, tortillas and Enchiladas.

There are lots of delicious ingredients in this recipe but the process is very straight forward and once you have made up a large batch keep extra it in a container in the fridge or freezer.

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  1. Mole sauce :

    Heat olive oil in a fry pan , add onion, garlic and saute 5 min, add mole poblano spice satchet , cocoa powder and sugar saute 2 mins, add tomatoes and tomato paste and slowly add the vegetable stock to make a rich silky sauce. Add the stale bread and simmer 10 min to let the flavours develop and then us a stick blends to puree the sauce.

  2. Slice the green banana and add to another fry pan with a small amount of oil.
    Gently saute the banana to caramalize, then add the currents, almonds, peanuts and pepitas. Continue to roast until golden brown. 10-15min
    At this point you can combine the nuts mixture into the sauce and use a stick blender to puree into a smooth rich sauce. If the mixture is a little dry you can add a little water or some more vegetable stock.
    (I actually prefer not to puree as i like the chunky texture the nuts contribute to the sauces unique and wonderful flavour.)



  3. This wonderful rich red Mole sauce can now be used as the flavour base for lots of amazing mexican dishes.

    Here are the links to 2 of our favorites
    Chicken mole with corn tortillas and avocado/cucumber/tomatoe and schallot salad
    Vegetarian mole enchiladas.


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