Peppermint Gum Tea

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A calming, invigorating hot brew that’s perfect for helping with digestion and allowing you to take a minute for yourself to wind down.

Enjoy hot for a warming, comforting pick-me-up, or serve over ice on a hot day for a refreshing minty drink to help cool you down.

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  • Australian Native Peppermint Gum

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    Australian Native Peppermint Gum

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    Australian Native Peppermint gum grows in the woodlands and forests of South Eastern Australia and has peppermint flavoured leaves which are glossy grey to grey-brown. The essential oils in the leaves smell like Peppermint and Eucalyptus gum and taste slightly minty. Use in sweet and savoury dishes for an aromatic minty kick.

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  1. Heat 3 cups of water to boiling.
    Place the Peppermint Gum into the infuser or strainer and add 2 cups of the boiled water and allow to steep for 2-3 minutes.

  2. Close your eyes and inhale the delicious aroma . . . by the time your tea is ready, you’ll feel relaxed and energized, even before you drink it!
    Perfect cold to have later in the day .


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