Vegetarian Mole Enchiladas

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mexican vegetarain enchiladas with mole sauce

These scrumptious Vegetarian Mole Enchiladas are one of my favourite healthy Mexican dishes to make and are so easy! This special take on a Mexican classic takes mounds of vegetable goodness, wrapped in corn tortillas, drizzled in lashings of luxurious Mole Poblano sauce and baked in the oven until oozing and hot – the ultimate comfort dish!

What makes this dish extra special is the addition of my Mole Poblano Sauce. This decadent sauce has deep, rich notes of cocoa, smoky chillies, sweet currants and a slight buttery crunch from nuts. This unique sauce is very traditional to Mexico and can be used to add a hit of flavour to loads of different dishes. Whenever making up a batch, I always double, or even sometimes triple, the recipe and keep jars of it in the fridge and freezer on stand-by for dishes just like these Vegetarian Mole Enchiladas. Click Here to read more about this fantastic sauce and give the recipe a go. Once you’ve made up a batch, you can whip up these delicious parcels in no time.

This particular enchilada recipe is made vegetarian, however you can substitute with just about any filling you like – Add in your favourite veg, chicken, beef or pork.

Spices used in this recipe


  1. Prepare your fillings:
    Heat oil in a fry pan and add mushrooms and onions, saute 5 min.
    Then add cauliflower and capsicum , saute a further few minutes, till cauliflower softens.
    Add the black beans and simmer to gently heat through.

  2. Assemble your enchiladas:

    Heat the oven to 180 degrees celsius
    Lay each torillas flat on a board.
    Spoon a generous amount of mole sauce over the entire base.
    Then add in your filling along the centre of the tortilla and carefully roll it up .
    Place each filled tortilla into a baking tray with the fold faced downwards so it wont open during cooking.
    Cook uncovered until the enchiladas start to be come crispy on the outside. (aproximately 15 min.)
    Serve with remaining mole poblano sauce and green salad


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