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  • Pepper Lemon Seasoning ***salt free*** – Mild

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    Pepper Lemon Seasoning ***salt free*** – Mild

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    Pepper Lemon is a lovely blend of pepper, lemon peel, citric acid and herbs and spices. This classic blend has a citrus flavour that can be used as everyday cooking to add flavour to any fresh and cooked dishes. It can be sprinkled onto fish, chicken or vegetables. Perfect for adding a zesty warm kick to dishes. A great alternative to regular black pepper for a bit of a different unique flavour. Add into dishes and sauces or simply use to sprinkle on top as a seasoning. Whip into softened butter to make a delicious lemony herb butter perfect for basting roast chicken in or just spread on a warm piece of toast for a snack or side to any meal. Stir through a cream sauce and add to pasta.


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