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  • Carolina Reaper Chilli – Caution, World’s Hottest Chilli

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    Carolina Reaper Chilli – Caution, World’s Hottest Chilli

    Product description

    Clocking at a massive 2.2 million on the heat Scoville scale, the Carolina Reaper has a sweet, fruity taste. When you first bite into one of these peppers (if you’re brave enough to do so), you’ll taste these flavours before the spiciness. Some people detect hints of cinnamon and even chocolate. When the fruity flavour passes, you’ll start to feel the intense burn that only the Carolina Reaper can deliver.

    How does one use such a super-hot pepper? Hot sauce is a favourite way to consume the Carolina Reaper. If you really like your heat, you can cook with the whole pepper. Carolina Reapers also make great pepper flakes and are the perfect ingredient for dry
    rubs on BBQ meats.




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