Cottage Cheese Balls in saffron cream Indian dessert recipe- Rasmalai

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This traditional Indian dessert combines soft spongey patties with a sweet fragrant milk using our Indian aromatics Saffron Threads and Cardamom Ground. We found our recipe over at Food Viva and it fit perfectly with our spices.

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  1. Make chhena patties by combining milk and lemon juice. Place chhena in a clean muslin cloth and tie knot placing on a hook or tap. Allow to steep for 30-45 mins.

  2. Remove from cloth and crumble into small pieces. Mash and knead crumble mixture until a dough forms. Divide dough into 12 equal patties.

  3. Bring water and sugar to a rapid boil and place patties inside cooking with lid on for around 5 mins. Turn patties over and allow to cook for a further 7 mins.

  4. Whilst patties are being made bring milk and saffron to the boil in a wide based pan. Add in cornflour, sugar and cardamom and stir to dissolve. Slide patties in and cook for a further 5 mins in milk mixture.

  5. Stir in pistachios then transfer to a bowl and set aside in the fridge for at least 2-3 hours.

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