Peppermint Gum and Apple Pickle

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This tangy, zesty, sweet peppermint and apple pickle with an unusual hit of native Australian Peppermint Gum is the perfect condiment for meats, cheese and delicious addition to sandwiches. As they’re well-known best friends, the minty flavour of this works so well with a classic roast lamb with the slow-cooked apples adding the perfect amount sweetness.

By sealing the jar and leaving for a month before use, it allows the flavours to really mature and marry together well and also creates a slight fermentation that not only adds an amazing flavour but wonderful gut-healing properties too.

Spices used in this recipe


  1. Pour vinegar into a saucepan and add sugar, seasoning, and spices.
    Simmer 30 minutes, then strain.

  2. Add apple and onion and continue to cook gently for 10 mins.
    Remove from heat and stir in the Peppermint Gum. Cool.

  3. When cold, pack apple and onions into jars and cover with the spiced vinegar.
    Seal the jar and leave for a month before use.
    Delicious with cold lamb.

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