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Rendang slows the world down, hours of bubbling turn the protein soft and spoon-tender, taking on the intense tropical aromatics of the coconut, chillies, and aromatic spices. And in the process, coconut milk deepens into a nutty, buttery sweetness bringing it all together. Each packet has a recipe on the back of the packet or you can scan the Qr code and choose one of our other favourites! Servings: 8 Packet wt: 30g
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Malaysian Rendang is a mild, dry-style dish that is popular throughout South-East Asian countries such as Singapore, The Philippines, and Indonesia, where it is said to have first originated. Each region has their own spin on it with the Malaysian version featuring a rich coconut flavour and dryer texture. Rendang is not actually a name for a dish, it’s basically a philosophical term that refers to a special process that makes beef tender, dry, and full of flavour. Though rich in spices, this blend is a mild one making it great for the whole family and lends itself so well to both meat and vegetarian options.  Rendang is best eaten with steamed rice and condiments such as fried onions or cucumber and peanut salad. To learn more about the history and influences of this dish visit the Malaysia page.
turmeric, coriander, paprika, cumin, sea salt (3g), fenugreek, chilli Kashmiri, cloves, galangal, bay leaves, ginger, garlic. Allergen advice: Packed in a facility that processes tree nuts and sesame seeds. We are 100% Australian, and we create this delicious pure spice blend here in Australia from at least 29% Australian ingredients.
Malay Beef Rendang Curry- The most popular version Malay Mushroom and Tofu Rendang– tofu and mushroom create an excellent umami flavour combo Malay Chicken and Eggplant Rendang – Chicken is always a popular  choice for this iconic dish Malay Salmon Rendang – Salmon marries well with aromatic rendang spices.

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