Middle Eastern Beef Bowls with Carrots, Zucchini Rice, and Za’atar

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In this simple, easy-to-make, easy-to-eat one-bowl dish, minced beef is sauteed until browned and flavourful and teamed with sweet tender carrots and tangy Middle Eastern Za’atar spice blend. Served alongside zucchini-studded fluffy rice, fresh parsley, and lemon-spiked labneh, this dish is wholesome, hearty, nutritious, and so delicious!

I like to use labneh in this recipe, but if you can’t get ahold of it or would prefer, you can use plain yoghurt instead. You can also easily sub-in lamb, chicken, or pork in place of beef if that’s more to your taste.

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  • Middle Eastern Za’atar – Mild

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    Middle Eastern Za’atar – Mild

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    Middle Eastern Za’atar is a delicious Middle Eastern spice blend made with sumac, thyme, oregano and sesame seeds. This mixture has a nutty and fresh flavour and aroma and is traditionally used to sprinkle over flatbread that has been brushed with olive oil and lightly toasted. In Australian cuisine, it works well as a Barbecue rub. There are many variations of Za’atar and it is widely used in the Middle East and the Mediterranean in a similar way to how Mixed Herbs are used in European dishes.



  1. Place a medium-sized pot on med-high heat with a drizzle of olive oil. Add your zucchini to the pot and saute until it begins to soften. Add in your rice, currants, a generous pinch of salt, and 2 cups of water, and bring to the boil. Once boiling, reduce the heat to low, cover with a lid, and cook for 13 minutes. When it’s finished, remove from the heat but don’t remove the lid just yet – the rice will continue to cook in its own steam.

  2. While the rice cooks, place a pan on medium heat with a drizzle of olive oil. When hot, add your mince, carrots, garlic, a big pinch of salt, and all but a pinch of Za’atar. Fry for 5-7 mins, only stirring once or twice, until the mixture is browned and fragrant. Add in your stockpot and stir through, cooking for a further 2-3 mins.

  3. While the beef and rice cook, add the juice of your lemon to a small bowl along with your labneh (or yogurt, if using), remaining Za’atar, and a pinch of salt, and stir to combine.


  4. Once everything is done, fluff your rice with a fork, divide between your four bowls alongside your sauteed beef and carrots, lemon labneh, and a sprinkling of fresh parsley.

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